Sunday 7/10 – Saturday 7/16

The Kenai River is a fisherman’s paradise.  The salmon are plentiful, swimming upstream to spawn.  We’ve only seen one fish that was caught but we’ve seen lots of anglers trying to snag the big ones.  We’re not fishing, only watching and asking questions.

The sea gulls are waiting for the fish guts to be tossed into the river.  One guy cleaning his fish threw the entrails into the water but it landed against a rock.  Alas, no goodies for the birds to bother.

We explored the small town of Soldotna on the main drag, the Sterling Highway.  At Creek Park there is a mile of nice boardwalk with staircases to the river for the anglers to try their luck to grab the big salmon.  On Wednesday they have a weekly outdoor market with artists, food trucks and music.  

I got this pebble idea from one of the artists and came back to try it.  

Again, the flowers are very happy here. 

Always the opportunity for political outreach.  Ugh.   

But now it’s been raining again for days. Not so fun for us but maybe it will help the many, many forest fires in Alaska.  They say the annual fires are a normal part of the cycle of life here.  Usually they are remote and don’t become a widespread threat.

Steve and I both got sick here.  He started mid week with a bad cough and runny nose and then I got it a couple of days later.  No, we didn’t take Covid tests… just waiting for the coughs to get better and symptoms to go away.  Now it’s Saturday and we are both on the mend.  I guess if we have to be sick anywhere this is as good a place as any.  Not much to do here except stay warm and dry and let the days go by.

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9 responses to “Soldotna”

  1. So glad you guys are feeling better. Thanks for the awesome pictures. I love seeing the salmon running free and the birds and bears trying to get their share.

  2. Your trip looks wonderful. It’s unusual to wear a jacket in July, but glad to see some photos without the coats on. We are in Door County, WI and had to run the furnace a few times over the last week – crazy!

    • We finally have sunshine in Homer. We had lotsa rain in Seward and Soldotna so this is a welcome change

  3. Hope you are feeling better, thanks for such a great blog Debi and Steve ! My Alaska adventure is on you tube right now 😊best wishes!! Enjoy

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