Homer July 17-23

We arrived in Homer, the last stop on the Alaska part of our trip. At the Visitor’s Center we even got a certificate of completion of the End of the Road, Highway 1.

When we got into town we drove to the Homer Spit, a 4.5 mile finger of land that extends from the town to the water.  We saw the ferry terminal so we know what to expect next Sunday.  Luckily there was a guy there who talked to us and told us to arrive 3 hours before it leaves port.  What we had read said only 2 hours so it’s lucky we got better info.  He thinks Harvey might be longer that what I signed up for but he made a note and it should just make the cut off before costing more for being longer.  I guess we’ll be okay and maybe they’ll just charge us more.  It’s only money at that point as the goal is to get on the boat!

At the pier there were so many squawking seagulls.  They are there to roost with their babies and hope to find fish guts in the water.  With all the gulls we’ve seen we’re still searching for an eagle.  Everyone says eagles are all over the place.  We keep looking…

We went into many galleries with lots of art ideas

Another funny sign with a made-up word

Wildflowers grow happily in profusion!

The view from our campsite is of the Kachemak Bay.  What a beautiful change from the last place where the huge campers surrounding us gave us little to look at.  Here we are watching the Bay and the mountains on the other side.  There is a constant change in cloud cover and mist and cool clean air.

Fields of fireweed at the water’s edge

Homer is the City of Peonies and is having their 3rd Annual Peony Celebration.  These gorgeous flowers come in every dark and light shade of pink and are everywhere.

There was a group of 25 couples with their RVs on a caravan tour group staying in our campground.  We struck up a conversation one night and the next night they invited us to join them around their campfire for a nice visit.

Yesterday was rainy and cold again so we stayed inside for most of the day.  But the high point of the day was when Steve spotted and eagle flying into a nearby tree.  Finally we got our eagle!

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16 responses to “Homer July 17-23”

  1. Great eagle pic! Inquiring minds want to know…..were the RV Caravan group from the same place or different places and just planned a trip together…..?

  2. I wish you could just drop into Maine and we could look at all your pictures all over again, and you could tell us all over again about your adventure. We have had so much fun following along with you. One of Gene’s cousins and family have just decided to move to the Kenai in Alaska. He is a Maine guide and is looking forward to being an Alaska guide. I know you understand their desire, the state is so special.

  3. What a wonderful adventure you two have had in Alaska. Glad you say the Bald Eagle before you left. We are seeing the same wild fires here in Denmark. Thanks for identifying the fireweed. I was wondering what it was. Travel On! Safe return home.

    • I’m loving your photos too. We are so lucky to be able to travel.
      I was sad to say goodbye to the fireweed.
      We’re still traveling on… we just passed the halfway point!

  4. Spotting a bald eagle is always exciting. I think the best bet is to hang out in places where they can find or steal fish or road kill without working very hard! Sounds like you guys are feeling better. Good to hear.

    • We tried going to places where the boats come in or the anglers clean the fish. Hundreds of seagulls but no eagles there. We kept looking and saw a couple from the ferry.

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